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About Al Mana & Associates

We are Acoustic Consultants. Established and present in Qatar since 2008, we are serious about good acoustic design that actually works. In Al Mana & Associates it’s all about peaceful, acoustically rich 

Focusing on Environmental, Architectural and Building Acoustics, alongside Noise and Vibration Control, we provide acoustic consultancy services throughout all the project stages, assuring cost-effective and reliable acoustic solutions.

With a proven record of engineering excellence on some of Qatar’s landmark projects and a wide portfolio of residential and commercial objects, hotels, schools, theatres, studios, airports, industrial plants, mosques, etc. we are highly committed to deliver high-end consultancy customized to client’s needs. 


Our commitment to high standards is reflected in our approach to documentation quality andQuality assurance programs based on international accreditation. Traceable design anddocumentation systems are applied


AMA’s design philosophy embodies the following elements:

  •     Cost effective solutions

  •     Solutions that are easy and economical to maintain

  •     Simplicity in design

We seek to keep our clients fully informed at all project phases and actively involve the client indecisions on available options. Experience has shown that efforts in providing a detailed and fully co-ordinated set of documents at the design stage ensures economical services, allows the construction phase to follow smoothly and minimises the on-site problems


Within Al Mana & Associates, Directors and managers will be actively involved in projects for itswhole duration to ensure that engineering quality is maintained, milestones are met and budgetsare achieved



Al Mana & Associates (AMA) is committed to ensure healthy, safe and environmentally responsible work environment for its employees involved in AMA site activities. 


AMA employees are obliged to conduct all site activities in accordance with HSE Policy statement, related Manual and Procedures as well as all applicable local regulations, guidelines and standards.


AMA’s goal is to enable a hazard free environment for its employees, which should be aware of AMA safety policy, related documents and its interpretations.


Al Mana & Associates (AMA) Ethics Policy reflects the high standard of business representing our Client and Community orientated objectives. Ethics Policy embodies our commitment to support excellence in all we do.


We are committed to conduct all our activities with the highest standards of ethical conduct, having an obligation to follow this Policy as well as encourage others to do similar.

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