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Al Mana & Associates’ expertise extends into all of the specialist field areas; from architectural acoustics of buildings, interior room acoustics, environmental noise surveys and assessments, building services noise control to various acoustic tests.

Our Services

Increase your employees' satisfaction and productivity.

Our Services

Acoustic Design

Having increased privacy between private offices, reduced excessive reverberation in open plan office and improved acoustic quality of meeting rooms which were practically unusable; once again unambiguous relation between good acoustic design and productivity was established.



Provided advice and supported the contractor in efforts to reduce interior noise levels, improve sound insulation and control reverberation time with the minimal additional costs.

Interior Room Acoustics

From design, through construction to completion; our assistance enabled indispensable low interior noise levels, extreme levels of sound insulation and minimum reverberation time; to a satisfaction of all the involved parties.   

Noise Level Control

Principal focus of our work included facade sound insulation, airborne and impact sound insulation between the floors, chillers noise, elevator induced noise and building services noise and 
vibration control.

Sound Insulation

Providing advice on 
acoustic treatment for facade mullions which are 
acoustically weak points, targeted sound insulation 
ratings were achieved enabling high privacy levels 
between the bedrooms, without any impact to the 
gorgeous facade design.

Our Clients

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